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Bannister, U. Pennsylvania v.

When Can The Police Search Without a Warrant

Labron, U. Accord , Maryland v. Dyson, U.

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Florida v. Harris, U. Prouse, U. Brignoni-Ponce, U.

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    Unlawful Vehicle Searches & Seizures |

    Arvizu, U. In Prouse , the Court cautioned that it was not precluding the states from developing methods for spot checks, such as questioning all traffic at roadblocks, that involve less intrusion or that do not involve unconstrained exercise of discretion. Whren v. The existence of probable cause to believe that a traffic violation has occurred establishes the constitutional reasonableness of traffic stops regardless of the actual motivation of the officers involved, and regardless of whether it is customary police practice to stop motorists for the violation observed.

    Similarly, pretextual arrest of a motorist who has committed a traffic offense is permissible. Arkansas v. Sullivan, U. Johnson, S.

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    Sitz, U. Flores-Montano, U.

    Search and Seizure Frequently Asked Questions

    Edmond, U. Edmond was distinguished in Illinois v. Lidster, U. Long, U. Brown, U. Similarly, because there is no reasonable privacy interest in the vehicle identification number, required by law to be placed on the dashboard so as to be visible through the windshield, police may reach into the passenger compartment to remove items obscuring the number and may seize items in plain view while doing so. New York v. Class, U. Compare Illinois v. Caballes, U.

    Iowa, U.

    How Police Obtain Search Warrants

    City of Lago Vista, U. Belton, U. Gant, U. Thomas, U. The same rule applies if it is the vehicle itself that is forfeitable contraband; police, acting without a warrant, may seize the vehicle from a public place. White, U. See also Chambers v. Dombrowski, U. See also Cooper v.

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    Police, in conducting an inventory search of a vehicle, may open closed containers in order to inventory contents. Bertine, U. Justice Powell concurred on other grounds. In most situations, the legality of a traffic stop turns on whether police had reasonable suspicion to believe the driver broke the law. If police had no legitimate reason to pull the driver over, the stop—and subsequent search—are illegal. There are only limited circumstances— immigration and DUI checkpoints for example—that allow law enforcement to detain vehicles without reasonable suspicion.

    Police must have probable cause that the car contains evidence of criminal activity like drugs or illegal weapons to conduct a search. But there are several exceptions to the probable cause rule. For instance, police can search a car if the driver consents. And the laws of many states authorize police to arrest drivers for minor traffic violations. The legality of a search, however, always depends on the facts of the case. Skip to Main Content.

    Traffic Violations. By John McCurley , Attorney.