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Go to Pipl. Once you know the city, you can look up its county through a city to county converter See Resources.

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Some sheriff's offices have websites that let people search for past and current incarcerated persons. Otherwise, call the sheriff's office and request to speak to the jail or records clerk. Provide the person's full name, date of birth and inquire if that person is serving or has served jail time at that facility.

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Some jails do not release this information over the phone — if this is the case, request the policy for obtaining such information. If a person was sentenced to jail for a crime, that information will be in that person's court records.

Some counties have their court records online, in which case you can examine a summary of the person's criminal court records and see it contains a sentence to jail time. If these records aren't available online, go in person to the county courthouse and request the person's criminal files from the clerk in the records department. Unless the case involved sexual assault or a minor, criminal files are public record.

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Because these facilities voluntarily supply this information, this service is better viewed as a supplemental resource in your search. Go to Vinelink.

If you're having trouble finding incarceration records, or difficulty locating counties of residence for your subject, consider retaining a private investigator. Investigators have the experience and resources to quickly find such information. Contact your state professional private investigator association and ask for an investigator with experience in record retrieval. Disclaimer The Department of Corrections regularly updates the information provided in Inmate Search and Warrant Search, and every effort has been made to ensure the data is complete and accurate.

How can I find someone who is incarcerated? | National Institute of Corrections

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